Our Philosophy

We provide quality teaching and learning experiences.

We provide a safe, caring and friendly environment which encourages children’s learning and development.

We recognise the importance of play not only for fun but also as a skill to help children effectively participate in society.

We provide ample time for “Free Play”. We have an Emergent Curriculum approach, whereby we share the driving seat with the child and the child’s interests and current fascinations. We take into account the child’s language, actions and play methods and we balance this with the knowledge and skills which we would like the child to be acquiring or practicing. You can learn to count using dolls or cars, we never miss an opportunity for learning!!!

At Lambscross Preschool we provide a wide and structured program of activities which adhere to the principles of Aistear. Aistear has been developed as the basis for the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. The principles of this framework are:

1. Exploring and Thinking
2. Identity and Belonging
3. Well Being                  
4. Communicating.          


We work in partnership with parents and value them as the primary educators of their children. We operate an open-door policy and actively encourage parents input.

We actively promote inclusive practice in order to best meet the needs of the children and families of our community. All children are welcome to attend Lambscross Preschool regardless of ability, need, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances.

Music, Movement and Dance are highly regarded in Lambscross Preschool. We ensure the children are exposed to music every day. Music is a wonderful way for children to relax. It is a valuable tool for learning new skills, i.e.: math patterns, rhyme, enhanced vocabulary to name but a few.

Through dance and movement children develop coordination, memory and improve their motor skills.