Illness Policy for Staff and Children

At Lambs Cross Playschool we ask to be informed of any information no matter how small in connection with your child’s physical and mental health. These disclosures will be dealt with in a confidential and professional manner by management bearing in mind that the well-being of each child is our utmost priority within the playschool.

We strive to work in a health environment where each child is given the same chance and opportunity to thrive and for this reason we ask both parents of children in our playschool and staff members to adhere to the points below.

- If your child becomes ill while in our care parents are contacted immediately and you are asked to come to collect your child.

- Sick children must remain at home until they are 24 hours free from a high temperature or your Doctor has given clearance to return. We may also ask for a note from the Doctor.

- Parents are responsible for finding back-up care for sick children. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO OUR CENTRE IF HE/SHE IS SICK.

- As with all child centered settings outbreaks of illness such as chicken pox will arise from time to time, in this case parents will be notified.

- Head lice infestation is a contagious condition and if a case is notified it will be brought to the attention of all parents.

- Medicine will not be administered by playschool staff unless there are exceptional circumstances where written consent is provided by the parent/guardian.

- In the case above, medicine must be in its original container with child’s name and guidelines clearly written on it. Out of date medicines will not be given.

- Children with contagious illnesses such as conjunctivitis should not attend playschool until the infection has cleared.

- As for children, staff of the playschool should not attend work while they are in the midst of a contagious illness and return to work only on the certification of their medical practitioner.