Hygiene Policy

The service is committed to promoting a healthy environment and a high standard of personal hygiene for adults and children. It is our policy to comply with current regulations including the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 1996 and Food Hygiene Regulations.

Hygiene Procedures

All new staff and students are informed of the hygiene procedures as part of their induction programme.

- Hand washing – after using the toilet, after outdoor play, before and after handling food.

- Cuts and sores must be covered with suitable dressings

Dealing with spills

- Disposable gloves must always be used when cleaning up spills of body fluids

- Disposable towels must always be used when cleand up spills of body fluids

- A supply of clean clothing is readily available for accidents

- The area of the accident is treated with suitable disinfectant

Cleaning procedures

- All toilets, surrounding walls, hold rails, door handles and sinks are cleaned and disinfected at the end of every day

- Floors, tables and equipment, are cleaned, disinfected and checked for breakage at the end of every day or when necessary

- Sand is covered when not in use

- Water tray and play sinks empty and clean when not in use

- All left over food is disposed of properly