Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of this service to respect the privacy of all persons involved with this service by ensuring confidentiality. All relevant regulations, acts and laws are respected regarding information gathered and stored.

Confidentiality Procedure

- We do not discuss details of any child or family outside the service without written permission from the parent/carer/guardian.

- Confidential information is shared only with staff members who need the information to effectively perform their job.

- Both staff and parents may view/receive a copy of their own files or those relating to their own children. IF it is not possible to do this immediately, then it must be done within twenty four hours of request.

- All files are kept in a locked unit. Only the manager has access to this unit.

- All staff are informed of the confidentiality policy during their induction period.

- Parents are informed of the confidentiality policy before their child is enrolled in the service.